Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sustainability in Arizona Discussed at AZIGG

Thank you to Sue and Tony Makridis for hosting AZIGG August 3rd at Greekfest - the best Greek restaurant in Phoenix by far. Ask my wife (her maiden name is Stamos, related to John Stamos).

The event was sold out and we completely filled the restaurant. Our speakers were magnificent. Thank you to Bob Shatz and his team from ITDC (Innovative Technology Development Center, for their wonderful contributions and their ongoing efforts to grow the Sustainability sector in Arizona.

Also special thanks to Dee Harris (Arizona Angels) and Chet S. Ross (Greater Phoenix SCORE and SCORE Arizona) for contributing their views of the investment in Arizona around Sustainability, Green Tech and technology.
Thanks also to all our attendees. And sorry for all those who signed-up in the last 2 weeks to find out that we were full. Next month we'll be back in larger venues to be able to accommodate all of you.

Our next event is the US-Asia Investment and Business Expo Sept 17-18. It will start on the 17th morning with a breakfast at Enterprise Network. It's all part of Arizona International Week.

Watch for more pictures and event information at

All the best, Doug

Doug Bruhnke, President/Founder of AZIGG

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Mark said...

Photos by AZIGG photographer Laird Brown of Small Business Photo are available on the event recap page at

Some additional photos by Mark Goldstein, International Research Center are posted on Flickr at for your enjoyment. Cheers!