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AZIGG Features Jeff Morhet March 2nd

Monday, March 2nd morning 7:30am – 9am

"Building Biotech: The Science of Doing International Business”

Jeff Morhet, Chairman, CEO and President of InNexus Biotechnology, Inc.

Location: Headquarters of, 4747 N 22nd Street, Phoenix
(just south of Camelback on the east side of 22nd)

$10 at the door, includes coffee, water and juice

Jeff Morhet is Chairman, CEO and President of InNexus Biotechnology, Inc. ( and is a 2008 Phoenix Business Journal “Global Power Player”. His vast global experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry includes positions at Baxter Healthcare, Merck and AstraZeneca. Jeff has launched multiple companies and is highly experienced in the areas of investor relations and corporate finance, participating in raising over $100 Million in public offerings, venture capital, equities and mergers.

Jeff has also founded the life science organizations THIRDBIOTECH and ThirdBiotech Research Group. On March 2nd he’ll be presenting his ideas on the science of doing international business taken from many years of successful experience.

AZIGG events occur monthly to provide information and resources to Arizona-based business owners as they look to grow internationally. Welcome internationalists!

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AZIGG Article in Arizona Business Magazine

Article in the January Arizona Business Magazine
Read it online at:

Expanding Horizons, Global Gains
By Doug Bruhnke is CEO/Founder of Growth Nation and President/Founder of the Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG)

Most Arizona legislators and business leaders now recognize the value of international commerce to the state. It hasn’t always been that way, but today there is broad agreement that exports from Arizona to the world and Foreign Direct Investment into Arizona from the world create jobs and community growth. After all, 95% of the world’s population is outside the US and 70% of the world’s purchasing power. Why not tap in to that power?

Arizona has made relatively slow progress with international trade compared to states like California and Texas. Those states have each made greater per capita investments to both encourage local companies to export and foreign companies to invest locally. Arizona is ranked in the bottom of US states for Foreign Direct Investment - number 31 - according to the Department of Commerce. This creates an excellent opportunity for improvement.

With exports the picture is a little better. Arizona businesses have done a reasonably good job of selling their goods overseas. Exports from Arizona-based companies increased to $19.2 billion in 2007, contributing to good job and tax revenue growth. These figures rank Arizona as the 17th leading state for exports.

People all over the world know about the Grand Canyon, but fewer know about businesses within Arizona. Exports can help build global awareness of Arizona business, making the state a more viable candidate for foreign investment. That’s important because foreign companies investing in Arizona pay higher wages than local companies, and with today’s sputtering economy, the state’s economy needs all the help it can get.

According to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), if Arizona could increase Foreign Direct Investment to be the 17th ranked state as it is with exports, Arizona would attract 84,000 more jobs and $12.5 billion more in capital investment. How’s that for an economic shot in the arm?

“We need investment to capture strategic industry growth for Arizona like Germany-based solar companies,” according to Rod Miller, VP of International for GPEC. Miller spoke at a recent AZIGG meeting discussing Arizona’s ‘State of the International State’. “In the current environment, increasing our investment in economic development initiatives will support a quicker and stronger economic recovery.”

Miller’s data shows a return in capital spending and taxes of as much as $110 for every dollar spent attracting companies to Arizona. GPEC is making progress despite Arizona’s low per capital investment. The good news is that many know what’s needed. The bad news is that Arizona, like other states, faces a challenging budget crisis.

It has been against this backdrop of both opportunity and challenge that the Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG) was founded in 2007. AZIGG (pronounced A-zigg) was created to provide the place for Arizona-based business owners to gain all the international information and connections they need to be successful overseas. Each of the existing business support organization like GPEC has a piece of the international puzzle, but none has a full view of importing, exporting, international company attraction and international company retention. AZIGG brings it all together including forums to attract and retain foreign companies.

AZIGG has quickly attracted over 1,000 members from the Arizona business and business support community. The group meets monthly to hear international business speakers and discuss ways to help Arizona-based businesses to export or to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

AZIGG encourages cooperation between local international business and cultural groups including the consulates, the Department of Commerce, GPEC, other city economic development resources, Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, World Affairs Counsel of Arizona, financial institutions working with the US Export-Import Bank, trade associations such as the Arizona Technology Council and international business service providers such as accounting, insurance, marketing and legal firms. AZIGG allows each resource to address the group monthly to keep business owners aware of the most recent ideas, news and opportunities.

In the same spirit of cooperation, the global law firm Squire, Sanders and Dempsey is stepping forward as the first business sponsor for AZIGG. In January the firm is hosting the AZIGG International Business Fair at their law offices in downtown Phoenix in order to make local businesses aware of all services available for companies to grow internationally. Arizona and Arizona-based businesses need to be especially creative to compete against other states for opportunity dollars.

AZIGG encourages both government and private business actions to grow international development. Monthly meetings feature Arizona-based entrepreneurs like Lee Knowlton of Kahala Corporation (including Cold Stone Creamery), Colin Christie of MX Secure and Omar Sayed of Succeed Corporation, all of whom are pioneers for Arizona in connecting their companies to the global market place. Similarly global service firms like Squire, Sanders and Dempsey show leadership to help others succeed internationally.

Business owners now have more choices with less risk to grow their business internationally. Their success ultimately will result in a more balanced and sustainable economy for Arizona. Besides AZIGG, the US Commercial Service Export Council and foreign consulates like that for Canada are available as resources to Arizona-based business owners. Additional resources are available on the AZIGG website, in AZIGG monthly meetings and as part of the AZIGG International Business Fair.

Besides international sales growth, there are other initiatives that all residents of Arizona can support to create a more level playing field for companies based in Arizona.

  1. Gain more direct international flights to Sky Harbor
  2. Send a clear message that Arizona is a state open to legal immigration
  3. Improve education in Arizona from below average to above average in the US
  4. Provide tax incentives to attract capital-intensive industries like solar to Arizona
  5. Support international sales with education and infrastructure to increase exports

Find out more about international business by attending a monthly event at AZIGG. Meetings are typically held in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Glendale on the first Monday morning of the month. More information can be obtained at

AZIGG Global Business Fair - More Pictures

Rod Miller of GPEC (

Glenn Williamson of CABC (

Harvey King of Vistage and Friends

Mike Endredy of SYNERGY HomeCare (

Carmo Ferrandez of the Indo-American Chamber, and Friends
Our host Bob Matia of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (
Thank you to our table sponsors and the 250+ attendees at the inaugural AZIGG Global Business Fair. Our special thanks go to AZIGG sponsor Squire Sanders & Dempsey for hosting and organizing the event.

Thank you, too, to Rod Miller of GPEC ( and Glenn Williamson of CABC ( for their special comments on the status of Phoenix internationally, and where we could (and should) be.

Thanks to our photographer Laird Brown ( for capturing the global crowd of Phoenix.

See the final picture above for AZIGG sponsor and Managing Partner Bob Matia of Squire, Sanders and Dempsey ( He's talking global business with John from the John Adam Show, the team at Solugenix Corporation, Steve Zylstra of the Tech Council and others listening in.

Other pictures include Carmo Fernandez of the Indo-American Chamber, Mike Endredy of SYNERGY HomeCare, Harvey King of Vistage, Glenn Williamson of CABC and Rod Miller of GPEC.
Thanks to all the participants of the AZIGG Global Business Fair!
All the best, Doug

Doug Bruhnke
Growth Nation and AZIGG
Scottsdale, AZ USA