Sunday, March 10, 2013

World Arizona

World Arizona is an unusual by-invitation-only, after-work event organized by Arizona International Growth Group (AZIGG) to highlight Arizona's need to do a better job with global business. Yes, we can!

Two effective leaders who understand the need are U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon and Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. On March 28th we'll be discussing how to energize more leaders like them to help with international economic development, investment and creation of more jobs.

Our regrets to anyone who is not a board member of the various groups like PCFR and AZCIV that are involved with the event, or an AZIGG sponsor. Because of limited space in the venue, we must limit attendance somehow. We encourage you to attend the April 1st AZIGG event and hear a recap.

Here's more on World Arizona March 28th:

And here's the next regular AZIGG event April 1st: