Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Canada, We Love Your Business

Thanks to the many expert speakers at AZIGG on March 7th who discussed success stories and how Arizona-based companies can be more successful Growing in Canada.

Rick Stephenson, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner of Consulate of Canada, opened by discussing trade numbers: over $3 billion per year in two-way trade between Canada and Arizona every year. The trade supports 150,000 jobs in Arizona.

Alison Harris, International Trade Compliance Manager at Avnet, discussed their success and some of the logistical and compliance issues that any business should consider when they step over the border.

Eddy Jimenez, VP of International at Kahala Corporation, discussed opportunities and some success stories - including the Cold Stone Creamery and Tim Horton's partnership, likely coming at some point to Arizona.

Trevor HIll, CEO of Global Water Resources, is an unsung Arizona hero that is the darling of the Toronto Stock Exchange after just raising over $60 million in the great white north. Trevor discussed how they did it, and how they continue to grow globally.

Glenn Williamson, CEO of Nest Ventures & Canada Arizona Business Council and Chairman of Kinetx, supported Trevor's success and had other supporting comments for Arizona-Canada trade growth.

Thanks to all! Pictures from the event are on the AZIGG Facebook page - click here or here. If neither of these links work, try finding it on my facebook account.

All the best, Doug Bruhnke