Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank you - US Asia Expo Arizona

Thank you to everyone who participated in the US-Asia Expo Arizona. We featured a litany of top notch speakers including CEO Shashi Jasthi of Solugenix Corporation and Andy Bogdanoff of Remington Financial Group.

Here is a wrap-up by Max Jarman of the Arizona Republic:

And some initial comments about the Expo held September 17-18th in Scottsdale:

"Thank you for including me in the Arizona-Asia Expo! It was a remarkable program, and the organizers deserve enormous credit. I thought it represented a milestone in Phoenix’s evolution." - Dee Harris, President of Arizona Angels

"I had a wonderful trip, this conference is a very successful one, thank you for your great effort. Thank you very much for having me in the conference, if there is anything that I can be of helpful in the future, please do not hesitate to let me know." - Dr. Lin Yang, President of YL International, Shanghai

"The US-Asia Expo Arizona was a highly successful program...I believe that this event will foster friendship, commerce and profit for many Arizona citizens whether they were in attendance today or not...Thank you all!” - Greg Marks, President of Intramedia Solutions

"Great event. I can always count on meeting a diverse group of area leaders and the last two days didn't disappoint." - Paul Kingsley, Principal at Kingsley Law

"Thanks to the US-Asia Arizona Expo I am planning to move my business to Arizona within two years." - Lanny Louie, Owner, ICG Connect

"I am very impressed with the solar-energy technology, and I see opportunities to invest. I would like to see more collaboration between US and Chinese Companies." - Zhu XinYuan, President of Renhe New Technnology Company, Zhonglu, China

All the best, Doug Bruhnke

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