Thursday, December 25, 2008

AZIGG Event at SkySong Explored International Growth

On December 1st at AZIGG, five entrepreneurial executives discussed how business owners can scale their Arizona-based businesses using global resources. The discussion was attended by 120 internationalists including guests Allanah Isherwood (British Consulate, LA) and Rick Stephenson (Canadian Consulate).

Abhay Jajoo. Eupath incubates overseas operations for firms looking to save money on software development, legal contract management and analytics.
Cliff Schertz. Tiempo Development lowers clients' costs with software development and QA services supplied from facilities in Northern Mexico.

Dave Rice. True Cloud helps emerging and medium-sized companies by providing "Less IT, More Growth".
Sarit Kommineni. SLK helps small businesses reduce cost and scale their growth through outsourced medical transcription, software development and e-learning.

Sharad Mankapure. BizLogic Technologies offers outsourced IT support, personal assistance, data processing and recruiting help to mid-sized firms.
Photography by Laird Brown
Happy Holidays!
Doug Bruhnke, Founder of AZIGG

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